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Lock Plugs - High Security

Click here to download data sheet for Lock Plugs and Caps High Security.

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ItemPart NumberModel NumberDescription

93180100 # 4 Lock Silver with Cap

93180101 #4 Lock Copper with Cap

93180106 #5 Lock Silver with Cap

93180107 # 5 Lock Copper with Cap

93180124 #6 Lock Gold with Cap

93180125-X # 6 Interfaced Gold Lock with Cap

93180128 #6 Lock Stainless with Stainless Cap

93180128-X #6 Interfaced Stainless Lock with Stainless Cap

93180240 # 5A Lock Silver with Cap

93180241 #5A Lock Copper with Cap

93180400 Beta Lock Gold with Cap

93180430 Beta Lock Stainless with Stainless Cap

93180800-X REVPRO Lock Gold with Cap

93180805-X REVPRO Lock Stainless with Stainless Cap

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